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Moving to Hungary? Smoothing the way between borders, we take care about all the bureaucratic details and help you staying inside the law while you are outside of your country.


Everyone is different and have noumerous needs when landing in a new city. We offer fully personalised solutions designed to your specific requirements.

Property Management

Owning a property abroad can be tricky, especially if you are not living there full-time. No worries, our tailored property management services can turn this into a pleasant experience.

Personal Assistance

Whether you live in Budapest full-time, visit regularly or simply have business or property here, we provide assistance from bureaucratic tasks to daily problems.

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We put you at the centre of everything we do anytime anywhere


Our expat experience allows us effectively solve your problems

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We provide high quality service and responsiveness to you

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If you are about to relocate your life to Budapest and want to make the transition as smooth and pleasant as possible we can only highly recommend Smile Relocation! We valued most the personal touch they gave.

Weber Family Germany

I would like to express how happy I was to work with you and your company. I got a lovely flat at a very good location and very good price. Thank you very much for the 1st class service provided during the process of search and until the signing of the contract.

J. Davis U.K.

Herewith I would like to thank you for the excellent service. Your company Smile Relocation was very responsive and customer friendly. Our communication was smooth and I would like to reassure you that in case I need to relocate again, I will definitely contact you again or recommend you to a friend. Keep up the good service!

C. Öztürk Türkey

When I first came to Budapest I felt quite overwhelmed with all of the processes and tasks. I didn’t have any friends to get advice from. Having Ildiko assist with providing support and guidance has been wonderful. I would highly recommend her services.

H. A. Pérez Spain


How to prepare yourself when moving to Hungary? – Step 4

Getting medical care If you’re here on a short-term basis, it’s easy to get free medical care for emergencies, especially if you have a European Health Card, but if you’re moving to Hungary or staying for a longer period, it’s worth exploring your medical-care options. Many expats prefer to go private and sign up to a private […]

Benefits of Using a Personal or Corporate Concierge Service

First, let’s start by explaining what a concierge service is. It depends on who is defining it, for example, one of the definitions describes concierge as “an employee at a hotel whose job is to provide help and information to the people staying at the hotel”. However, concierge services have become much more extensive and […]

Why Budapest? – The city of history and culture

Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest’s extensive World Heritage Sites include the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second-oldest metro line in the world. It has around 80 geothermal springs, the world’s largest thermal water cave system, the […]