Why Budapest? – The city of history and culture

Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest’s extensive World Heritage Sites include the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second-oldest metro line in the world.

It has around 80 geothermal springs, the world’s largest thermal water cave system, the second largest synagogue in the world, and third largest Parliament building. These are just couple of highlights about this wonderful and unique city.

The most iconic sights are: the Hungarian Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Basilica, Heroes’ Square, the thermal baths, and the historic streets of the Jewish District. The city’s cultural life is thriving with the opera, theat, craft markets and all sorts of cultural events and festivals.

The city’s long-standing history is visible everywhere: Roman ruins in the 3rd district, medieval walls in Buda, Baroque churches, Soviet style concrete blocks or the buildings in the city with bullet-holes (from WWII or the 1956 revoution) – they all tell stories about Budapest.

With an extremely colorful history, those with a history vein will not be bored here.

Interested in the full history of Budapest?

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