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Benefits of Using a Personal or Corporate Concierge Service

First, let’s start by explaining what a concierge service is. It depends on who is defining it, for example, one of the definitions describes concierge as “an employee at a hotel whose job is to provide help and information to the people staying at the hotel”. However, concierge services have become much more extensive and appeal to a variety of individuals. Personal concierge services focuses more on enhancing and balancing individual lifestyle’s. Corporate Concierge focuses on helping businesses. The goal for both personal and corporate concierge is to reduce stress and increase productivity and efficiency.

Who uses concierge services? Just about anyone can benefit from having a helping hand. At one time, it was mainly the rich that used concierge services, but not anymore. Now it is the single moms or dads or seniors that need that extra set of hands, or the bachelor that works long hours and loves the idea of coming home to having his errands done and his fridge stocked with groceries, or the busy parents that are driving their kids to their sports activities and need someone to help with their errands. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from concierge services. Business owners are now able to free up their time for running their businesses and leave the mundane tasks to the concierges. Everyone is unique as to why they could use a helping hand, but they all gain valuable time.

Here Are 7 Key Benefits of Hiring a Concierge Service:

1. Time – You will be given the precious gift of time! This allows you to do the things that matter to you the most. Some clients will take that extra time and spend it with their friends and/or family members, or on themselves going to the spa or playing hockey, while others will use the time to build their businesses or be productive at work. Each individual is unique and will benefit with more time to do as they please.

2. Stress Reduction – You will no doubt have a lower stress level by allowing a trustworthy and reliable concierge do those tedious jobs that bring you stress. Also, having extra time on your hands is a major stress reliever!

3. Convenience – Look at how convenient it would be to have someone else run your errands – such as pick up your dry cleaning, go to the drug store for you, stock up your fridge, get your office supplies, or deliver a package.

4. Increased Productivity – You could increase productivity by having someone else run your errands, organize your home or office, and do many of those multi-tasking jobs that keep you busy. Have someone else do the mundane tasks and then you can focus on the more important jobs at hand.

5. High Quality Service – Relying on a family member or neighbour to take care of some of your tasks may not always be a good solution. The family member or neighbour may not take the tasks as serious as a professional concierge. Remember, the concierge service has their reputation at stake. Also, you may not want to burden a family member or neighbour so hiring a professional concierge may be a better solution for you!

6. Peace of Mind – Knowing that things are done at the right place, at the right time, by the right person, will give you that ultimate peace of mind!

7. Affordability – Ask yourself how much an hour of your time is worth and you will find that hiring a personal concierge is cost effective. If you are a business owner, the benefit of hiring a corporate concierge is that you pay per hour when needed and the cost of outsourcing could reduce your costs and therefore increase profitability.

The above list provides a few of the major benefits of concierge services, but by no means provides them all. For more information on concierge services, or the services we provide at Smile Relocation & Concierge, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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