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How to prepare yourself when moving to Hungary? Step 2

Moving to a new city is somehow stepping out from your comfortzone, and figuring out the specifics of living in a foreign country is a headache. Here are our advices on how to get prepared for moving to Hungary with everything you need to know about finding the right area and place to live.

Finding a place to live

It’s inevitable you’ll need to find an apartment when moving to Hungary, and sometimes it feels a little tricky to find the right place at the right price. One good rule of thumb is that if anything is advertised in euros, it could be too expensive and geared at tourists or foreigners who aren’t yet familiar with prices. You can find out more about the cost of living in Budapest on this site.

Flats advertised in English on Facebook sometimes charge “western rates”, and what seems like a bargain might actually be expensive once you get a Hungarian salary. Although having said that, if you look carefully, you can often find a room to rent or a furnished apartment by posting your needs in some Facebook groups.

Another place to look is on Ingatlan.com, where there’s an English language option as well. You’ll find that a lot of places come furnished – good for expats relocating from the other side of the world.

It’s a good idea to photograph the property when you move in, in case there are any damage disputes should you leave, and get a landlord who will give you a rental contract – you’ll be able to get the address card with this, and you’ll need the proof of accommodation for immigration anyway. Smile Relocation & Concierge can help you to find the right place at the right price when moving to Hungary. Deposit fees are usually one or two months rent.

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